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A.K.A. Yancy, Nancy & Rukko.
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If you like Gaming and Pokémon girls, then my profile is the place for you :3!

I also like to RP in addition. I love to do Crossover, Friendship & Adventure/Action RPs, but I will not do Romance RPs!

Canon characters I like to RP as:

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Sonic/Super Sonic/Hyper Sonic/Werehog/Sonic, Knight of the Wind.
Tails/Super Tails.
Knuckles/Super Knuckles.
Shadow/Super Shadow.
Silver/Super Silver.
Dr. Eggman.
Team Chaotix (Espio, Charmy and Vector).

Pokémon (Fanon Sailor Scout/Super Forms of my favorite Pokémon girls will be in parenthesses.):
Hilda (Sailor Hilda, The Heroine of Truth).
Rosa (Sailor Rosa).
Yancy/Nancy (Sailor Chibi Yancy/Sailor Mini Yancy).
Serena (Sailor Serena).
Bianca (Sailor B).
Misty (Games, Sailor Misty).

Sailor Moon:
Serena/Sailor Moon.
Amy Anderson/Sailor Mercury.
Lita/Sailor Jupter.
Mina/Sailor Venus/Sailor V.
Rini/Sailor Mini Moon.

OCs I like to RP as:

Annie (Sailor Annie).

If you're interested in doing an RP with me, please Note me :3!

Sonic Stamp: 'Thanks for the Fave' by HypaSonic Friendly Deviant by Luna-Akari

Anti-Gaming and Console Wars by MarioLuigi25 Headcanon Stamp by MarioLuigi25

Friends with Different Opinions by MarioLuigi25 Sailor Moon Stamp by Cosmic-Angell

What I will draw:
Sonic the Hedgehog pics.
Pokemon (simple-looking Pokemon only).
The humans in Pokemon (specifically Hilda, Rosa, Yancy, Serena, Bianca (BW) & Shauntal).
Kirby and his Copy Abilities.
Sonic crossover pics.
Friendship fanarts.

What I will NOT draw (Don't EVER expect me to draw these!):
Hate art.
Characters I don't care for (Amy & N).

I draw what I want stamp by izka197 Don't Beg for Points by SamanthaLenore I AM Nice by MatrissStamps

Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but PLEASE DON'T BEG ME FOR POINTS!!! I only give points to my close friends!

And the following stamp applies to all of the fandoms I'm in (especially Sonic and Pokémon):

But, even though I may not care for Shipping/Pairings, I will respect your opinion if you do like Shipping :nod:!

And I'm also a Native American (Kiowa Tribe) with some Irish blood from my mother's side of the family. Not only am I a Native American, but I'm also the direct descendant of the great Indian chief Red Cloud :)!

Even more stamps:
:thumb98501315: Native American Stamp by StrayCreations Rant: Because we all need warnings by Fragdog


Feel free to browse through all of the awesome art that I have faved =D! :iconcoolsonicplz::icontoukopokemonplz::iconwhite2plz::iconcooltailsplz::iconbianca2plz::iconshikimiplz:

It is mostly Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon art, but there is also Mario, Sailor Moon, K-On!, Kirby, Street Fighter and Eternal Champions art that I have faved, too! On occasion, I will also fave art and photography that has nothing to do with my fave game series or TV shows.

My stamp collection!

Favorite character stamps:

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Sonic stamp by SonyaLS Sonic the Hedgehog Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Sonic Stamp by CriWolfy

Tails Stamp by RecklessKaiser Knuckles Stamp by NoNamepje Shadow the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje

Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje Dr. Eggman 2011 stamp by SA948-Stamps Blaze the Cat by NoNamepje

Rouge stamp by SonyaLS Marine the Raccoon stamp by catiexshadow Cream stamp by SonyaLS


Hilda Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Bianca Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Rosa Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

Yancy by Marlenesstamps Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 Yancy Stamp by BFLuckyELEVEN Serena - Pokemon X and Y stamp by KawaiiRussia-chan

Pokemon XY Anime Stamp Series - Serena by Kevfin Misty Stamp by kalot3000 Misty stamp by SA948-Stamps

May stamp by SA948-Stamps Dawn stamp by SA948-Stamps Lyra stamp by SA948-Stamps

Kris Stamp by S-Laughtur Pokemon: Leaf by st-stamps Blue.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX

Elite Four Member Lorelei by Marlenesstamps Shauntal Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Malva Stamp by SoraJayhawk77

Gym Leader Clair by Marlenesstamps Gym Leader Elesa by Marlenesstamps Gym Leader Skyla by Marlenesstamps

Pokemon Trainer Red stamp by NextGenProject Ash BW stamp by SA948-Stamps PKMN Trainer Ethan by Marlenesstamps

Hilbert Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Cheren Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Gary Fan Stamp by Firesonic152

Mugi, Yui and Ritsu Stamp by MayMugiLee Stamp - K-ON: Ritsu 2 by Suxinn Stamp K-ON Tsumugi Kotobuki by Wrolin

Stamp K-ON Yui Hirasawa by Wrolin Stamp K-ON Mio Akiyama by Wrolin Stamp K-ON Ritsu Tainaka by Wrolin

Sailor Moon:

Sailor V Stamp by MarcosLucky96 Sailor Jupiter Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Sailor Mercury Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako

Sailor Venus Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Sailor Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Sailor Mars Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako

Sailor Chibi Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Tuxedo Mask Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako

Fire Emblem:

Lissa Stamp by Adraowen Miriel Stamp by Adraowen Cordelia Stamp by Adraowen

Nowi Stamp by Adraowen Lucina Stamp by Adraowen Anna Stamp by Adraowen

Emmeryn stamp by Adraowen Chrom Stamp by Adraowen Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Marth by Kevfin

Super Mario/Wario Land/Warioware:

Mario Fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Luigi fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Wario fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry

Yoshi fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Toad fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Stamp: Bowser by Tee-J

Peach fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Daisy fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Rosalina fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry

- Jimmy T WarioWare Stamp - by Guardian-of-Dragoon

Mega Man:

Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Mega Man by Kevfin Roll Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi Proto Man stamp by andrea-koupal

DA Stamp - Zero by virago-rs

Street Fighter:

M Bison Stamp 2 by NowellsStamps Gill Stamp by NowellsStamps Shin Akuma Stamp by FlashTH

Ryu Stamp :3 by isawarrior Ken Stamp by 2ndCityCrusader Guile Stamp by SamThePenetrator

Chun-Li Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi Cammy White Stamp by AylissoL


NiGHTS Stamp by C-Puff Crash Bandicoot stamp by LillyRabbit Classic Spyro Club Stamp by OldSpyroClub

Kirby Fan Stamp by toki28 Link Stamp by QuiGonJinn007 Pro Samus Stamp by JetProwerTheFox

Stamps of things I like and/or support.


Sonic and Hilda by Marlenesstamps Sonic and Mei by Marlenesstamps Sonic and Hilda - STAMP by KawaiiRussia-chan

Sonic and Mario Stamp by sonicinterface Fandom Crossover Stamp by Feniiku Crossover Fanart by VVraith

Stamp Commission for SonicAndHildaFan11 by ImogenFullbusterOC

My opinions and beliefs:

Sonic fan stamp by TheLeetCasualGamer Real Pokemon fans don't bitch by KooboriSapphire Why Hate Sinnoh Stamp by flarefugikage

All Five and a Half of Them by endler Autism Stamp by callykarishokka Astronomy Stamp by ObsidianJackal

Not ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultry I am proudly CHRISTIAN stamp by aguzzla22 Opinion respecting - stamp by Angi-Shy

Sonic Music Stamp by Ana-Mae Sonic is still Gold by HatakeMirukon Golden Age of Gaming by HatakeMirukon

Who says you can't like both? by crazylaura64 I Like Dubs Stamp by Prodigies Single Sonic by Candy-Swirl

Favorite game consoles:

Sega Genesis - Stamp 6 by jim77grave Nintendo Systems Stamp by linkhero55 Wii U Stamp by Kevfin

Old and New Consoles by DennyVuQuach Saturn Stamp by Morgan-the-Rabbit Dreamcast Stamp by rustyrayz

Original PlayStation Stamp by nakashimariku PS2 Stamp by PixieDust01 psp owner by emchooo

Favorite TV shows:

Ren and Stimpy Stamp by Flapjack-Fiend Beavis and Butthead stamp by ToxicKrieg spongebob stamp by raspberryred

Sailor Moon Stamp by timevortex101 Sonic X stamp by PFV0-Stamp Astro Boy logo stamp by MarcosLucky96

The Simpsons by Cavin Regular Show Watcher Stamp by the-sashimi-frog Sonic Boom Stamp by MarcosLucky96

King of the Hill Stamp by Tez-Taylor Cleveland Show Stamp by Krisderp Cow and Chicken Dev Stamp by Ellidegg

K-ON Stamp by Krisderp family guy stamp by GoPurifyYourself Stamp for Hey Arnold by kitty-the-kat

Looney Tunes stamp by aftersunsets :thumb192879691: Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Stamp by MKSfan14

Bug Dummy Stamp by ShipwreckedStamps Invader Zim stamp by pantheon9000 Old School Set: Doug Stamp by ViciousCherry

Everything else I like:


SonicAndHildaFan11 has started a donation pool!
531 / 5,000
Feel free to donate if you want :3!

POINTS PLZ Stamp by SinMisericordia21 Stamp: I Love Points by Silver-MoonNight Points Please Stamp by izka197

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My Youtube…

My way past cool DeviantID made by :iconetchivi:!

Check out this account where I RP as my Pokémon Trainer OC Annie::iconpokemontrainerannie:!

My Archives of our Own…

My birthday badge

Future Projects
Sonic - The Fourth Adventure by Piqutchi
I'm in the "planning" phase for a fangame called "Sonic: Before the Fourth Adventure". Here are the details about it:

*It will take place inbetween Sonic 3 & Knuckles and Sonic 4:Episode 1.
*In addition to Sonic, Hilda (Pokémon) and Ritsu (K-ON!) being playable, Tails, Rosa (Pokémon) and Yui (K-ON!) will be unlockable.
*Even though this game will take place in the SegaSonic (Sonic games) universe, Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (AoSTH) and Walter Naugus (Archie Sonic/Sonic SatAM) will appear as bosses.
* The game will have 11 zones and 4 bonus zones.

Check out these awesome pagedolls:
CM: SoniceandTouko4ever by Kii-hime Request: Pokemon Serena [Click for Animation] by WeepingWillowx3

Check these awesome people out:

My beloved dA family (Under Construction):
:icontwillathehedgehog:My Crazy fun Sister!

:iconcecelovessoshsi1415:My Sister!

:icononionringz64:My awesome gamer friend who also likes Hilda from Pokémon :dummy:!

:iconkisarasmoon:My PokéShipping-loving pet Fennekin who is also a supporter of Sonic & Hilda's friendship :3!

:iconcubietewelart:Cubie, the awesome artist!

:iconoceana1:My awesome friend!

:iconclassicsonicsatam:My Sally Acorn-obsessed pet fox!

:iconjestloo:My close, supportive friend!

:iconjoltik92:Joltik the Restless!

:iconbubble66:My dinosaur pet Yoshi!

:iconsummerlovessonic:My pet Hedgehog!

:iconhaileycucumber:My pet Jigglypuff who takes awesome pictures of her pretty self :heart:!

:iconsumrandomperson12:My pet Pikachu who draws awesome pictures of Yancy!

:iconstellamuffins:My SoulSilverShipping-loving PokéSis!

:iconrayraz94:My Father who is a huge Sailor Moon fan!

:iconpokesonfangirl:My pet Togepi who is also a Sonic and Pokemon fan like me!

:icontyrantvenusaur:My Vensaur Brother!

:iconcandlereaper:My pet Mewtwo!

:iconyamineko-kitty:My other Otaku daughter who really likes Yui Hirasawa from K-ON! :3

:iconchanmeh2:My Otaku Daughter!

:iconsonicpokemonprincess:My Daughter!

:iconclassicsonicawesome:My other pet hedgehog who is one of the sane Sonic fans, like me!

:iconalicesailormoondogs:My pet dog who also likes Sailor Jupiter :3!
Even if you aren't a watcher or a friend of mine, you can still be a part of my dA family, but be sure to leave a comment telling me which family member you want to be!

Favorite Crossovers:
Mario & Sonic.
Sonic & Pokemon.
Mega Man & Sonic.
Sonic & Fire Emblem.
Sonic & Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon & Pokemon.
Fire Emblem & Pokemon.
Pokémon & K-On!.
Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat.

Favorite Crossover Friendships (All of the following are purely platonical/Just Friends relationships in my headcanon!):
Sonic & Hilda (Pokemon). My main favorite Crossover friendship ever :dummy:!
Sonic & Rosa (Pokemon).
Sonic & Yancy (Pokemon).
Sonic & Serena (Pokemon).
Sonic & Lissa (Fire Emblem).
Tails & Lissa (Fire Emblem).
Tails & Bianca (Pokemon).
Hilda (Pokemon) & Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon).
Hilda (Pokémon) & Ritsu Tainaka (K-On!).
Hilda (Pokemon) & Lissa (Fire Emblem).
Hilda (Pokémon) & Daisy (Super Mario).
Rosa (Pokémon) & Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon).
Rosa, Bianca (Pokémon) & Yui Hirasawa (K-On!).
Yancy (Pokémon) & Sailor Mini Moon (Sailor Moon).
Serena (Pokémon) & Tsumugi Kotobuki (K-On!).
Serena (Pokémon), Bianca (Pokémon) & Sailor Venus/Sailor V (Sailor Moon).

Fanon Sonic Heroes teams I've created:

Team Unova::icontoukopokemonplz:, :iconwhite2plz: & :iconyancyplz:. Alternate version::icontoukopokemonplz: :iconbianca2plz: & :iconcheren2plz:.
Neo Team Sonic::iconcoolsonicplz:, :icontoukopokemonplz: & :iconwhite2plz:.

In addition, :iconfroakieplz: is best 6th Gen starter!!!

Plz accounts I love to use (seperated by Sonic characters and their BFFs in my Headcanon):






Copy and paste this to either your profile or sig to prevent Hilda from Pokemon from being hated! Hilda is AWESOME!


Copy and paste this to either your profile or sig to prevent Rosa from Pokemon from being hated! Rosa is AWESOME!


Copy and paste this to either your profile or sig to prevent Yancy from Pokemon from being hated. Yancy is AWESOME!


Copy and Paste this to either your sig or profile to prevent Bianca from Pokemon Black and White from being hated. Bianca is AWESOME!


Copy and paste this to either your sig or profile to prevent Cheren from Pokemon from being hated. Cheren is AWESOME!

Hi, my favorite game series are Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon. I want become an astronomer one day. Astronomy is my favorite scientific discipline. My fave tv shows are Sonic X, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, All In The Family & Sanford and Son.

My favorite game consoles:
Sega Genesis.
Super Nintendo.
PS One.
Sega Saturn.
Nintendo 64.
Sega Dreamcast.
Wii U.
Game Boy Advance.

Fave fictional characters:
My no. 1 faves FTW:Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog & Hilda, Rosa, Yancy and Serena from Pokemon :3!!!
Other fave Sonic characters:Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Vector, Espio, Big, Dr. Eggman, Chip, Yacker, Chao, Cream, Blaze, Marine, Shade, Metal Sonic, Scourge, Sally, Bunnie Rabbot, Rotor, Antoine, E102-Gamma, E123-Omega, the Deadly Six & Dark Gaia.
Other fave Pokemon characters: Bianca (BW), Shauntal, Maylene, Misty, Argenta, Marley, Skyla, Elesa, Roxie, Clair, May, Dawn, Nurse Joy, Lorelei, BW/BW2 Female Ace Trainers (Blue hair FTW <3!!!), Whitney (Pink hair FTW!), Malva, Brigette, Red, Blue, Ethan/Gold, Silver, Hilbert, Nate, Brock, Hugh, Barry, Cheren, Ash, Gary, Lance, Steven, Giovanni, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Colress, Ingo and Emmet and All Pokemon.
Fave K-On! characters:Ritsu Tainaka, Yui Hirasawa, Tsumugi Kotobuki, Mio Akiyama, Ui Hirasawa, Sawako Yamanaka and Nodoka Manabe.
Fave Fire Emblem characters: Lissa, Miriel, Lucina, Anna, Nowi, Cordelia, Sully, Sumia, Marth, Ike, Chrom, Vaike, Grima and Lyn.
Fave Sailor Moon characters:Serena/Sailor Moon, Mina/Sailor Venus/Sailor V, Ami/Sailor Mercury, Rei/Sailor Mars, Lita/Sailor Jupiter, Rini/Sailor Mini Moon, Tuxedo Mask and Luna.
Fave Mario characters:Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Wart, Bowser, Cackletta, Fawful, and Toad.
Fave Mega Man characters:Mega Man (and his X counterpart), Protoman, Zero, Bass, Roll, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Sigma, Cutman, Elecman, Gutsman, Slashman & Chill Penguin.
Fave Street Fighter characters:M. Bison, Gill, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Dudley, Alex, Sagat, Balrog, E. Honda, Blanka, Cammy, Chun Li, Makoto, Rose, Karin, C. Viper, Akuma & Shin Akuma.
Fave Kirby characters:Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Galacta Knight, Ribbon, Tiff, Tuff, Waddle Dee, Yin-Yarn and 02 (Kirby 64 final boss).
Fave MK characters:Shao Kahn, Kintaro, Goro, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Stryker, Shang Tsung, Kano, Johnny Cage, Sonya & Kitana.
Fave Eternal Champions characters:Jonathan Blade, Larcen Tyler, Xavier Pendragon, Trident, R.A.X., Jetta Maxx, Shadow Yamoto, Riptide, Dawson McShane, Blast, the Eternal Champion and the Dark Eternal Champion.
Personal quote:"Sonic and Mario can be friends, so how come Sonic can't be friends with Hilda, Rosa and Yancy from Pokemon?!"

I usually draw Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon crossover fanart most of the time. I also draw some Pokemon and some Kirby drawings on ocassion.

Fave video game character buttons:

:iconhoney-bear44: is currently accepting point commissions!

And she's also accepting art trades, too :)!
  • Mood: Joy
  • Watching: K-ON!
  • Playing: Sonic CD (2011)

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